8 Reasons People Are Buying Custom Cakes (And Why You Should Too)

Custom cakes have become a huge trend in the last couple years. Gone are the days when your only options for a cake were to go to the local grocery or big box bakery for your confectionary needs.

Nowadays, people want choice and quality… and that’s a good thing! While chain bakeries and supermarkets can meet your needs on a low price point cake, they tend to fall short when it comes to the many other qualities that people are looking for when they want to purchase a cake.

That’s why so many people are turning to bespoke cake artists.

Let’s face it. No matter which way you slice it, a cake is a big part of any celebration. Not only is it symbolic, but people love to look at and eat cake!

So with so much value resting on one thing, of course you’d want to make sure and get the best quality and look that you can afford.

So before running off to the supermarket to purchase your next celebration cake, take a quick read of my top eight reasons to purchase a bespoke cake.

Buttercream rosette cake

1. Custom Tastes Better!

A freshly baked cake will always taste better than a mass produced cake.

Supermarket and chain store cakes are full of preservatives and additives to help maintain shelf life for as long as possible. Some cakes are not even baked in store, but brought in frozen after months and months of storage in a factory.

Most stores also use something called Buttercreme (not to be confused with ButterCREAM… I know, it’s still very confusing). What is Buttercreme? It’s a frosting that is essentially made from shortening, palm oil and sugar.

Unlike Buttercream, it contains no actual butter. This is done because those ingredients make the frosting very stable, which allows it to be left out for days, which is great for the store, but is that something you’d really want to eat yourself or feed your family?

Honey themed first birthday baby fondant cake

2. It’s Personal.

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re planning, a custom designed cake is the easiest way to incorporate a theme to an event.

Store bought cakes are limited by flavours and decorations. Sure, you can pick between chocolate, vanilla and marble, and possibly choose the colour roses from the options in the cake fridge, but with custom options you’re free to dream.

Planning a wedding but you love strawberry and vanilla cake while your sweetie will only eat chocolate? That’s cool! With a custom tier cake you can have as many or as little flavours as you’d like. And when it comes to design, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Halloween baby girl ghost fondant birthday cake

3. It’s Giftable.

Because custom cakes are so special, they make the perfect gift.

Especially for that very difficult to buy person who seems to live in everyone’s family. Who wouldn’t want a pretty cake that represents their favourite hobbies or interests?

Blue and silver fondant wedding cake
Photo Credit: Sam Jackson Photography

4. The Size.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a small gathering of six guests or a banquet of 200 guests, with custom cakes you can find a size to match your event perfectly.

Christmas penguin fondant cake

5. The Hassle.

While baking and decorating a cake is tons of fun, it’s a messy job that takes a lot of thought, time and planning.

If you’re busy planning an event, why not ease your stress and delegate that job to a professional. This way, you’ll get a beautiful, handcrafted cake simply handed over to you on the day of your party. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Adult birthday fondant cake playing cards gambling cake

6. The Surprise.

Custom cakes are not made in a production line or on a conveyor belt. They’re made individually, by hand with a lot of attention to detail. And since they’re designed from scratch, it’ll not only be a wonderful surprise for your guests, but also a surprise for yourself!

christening baby cake blue and white fondant with flowers

7. The Value.

While supermarket cakes appear to be cheaper they aren’t actually value for money.

They’re very cheaply mass produced, full of preservatives to keep the shelf life and have a huge mark up on the final product. (This is considering the cost of materials and skills needed to produce these cakes.)

Bespoke cakes, while they do cost more than a supermarket cake, you are paying for VALUE.

You’re getting a freshly baked cake, made from fresh, quality ingredients. You’re getting a cake that you can customize down to the very last crumb and you’re getting a cake that is made specifically for you.

It’s a cake that takes a lot of time, attention to detail and love to get it just right, and the results are always one of a kind.

girl's birthday cake frozen themed anna elsa olaf cake buttercream white chocolate drip cake and buttercream cupcakes

When it comes to purchasing your celebration cakes it’s critical to think about what is important to you. Is it quality? Design? Or both? Are you concerned about what you’re feeding your family?

Since choice and quality are top contenders nowadays, exploring the options of custom cakes may be worth your while.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when purchasing a cake either. Remember, knowledge is power. But before you run off to the supermarket to purchase your next celebration cake, remember that there are other quality choices out there that may bring more value to you than a store bought cake.

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