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Education & Online Courses

The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream with Stephanie Michel

Learn the ins and outs of decorating cakes with buttercream icing in this four-part Wilton masterclass. You’ll start off with the basics, and by the end of the course you’ll be using professional techniques to create ornate patterns, floral motifs and fanciful borders with a variety of decorating bag tips. Get one month free trial with code: WILTON

The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake

In this quick class, you will learn three easy ways to ice a cake with buttercream: using an icing comb, a fork, and a spoon. Each of these techniques creates gorgeous, textured effects. Use them to decorate any cake, creating a unique, stunning presentation. Get one month free trial with code: WILTON

The Wilton Method: How to Write on Cakes

Learn about various decorating bag tips, how to do freehand lettering, and how to follow a template to produce cursive letters. With a little practice, you’ll soon be a pro at picture-perfect cake writing. Get one month free trial with code: WILTON

Simple Piping, Stunning Results with Amanda Rettke

Discover how to use a round tip to pipe pushed petals, Chantilly lace and lettering. Next, bring lovely rosettes, all-over shells and fabulous fan textures to life with star tips. Then, switch to petal tips, and create breathtaking ruffled designs such as curved rainbows, tempting tapered patterns and more. Plus, use grass and leaf tips to pipe multicolored pom-pom decorations and enticing holiday designs. Along the way, you’ll get plenty of inspiration for using these techniques to create dazzling finished cakes of your own.

Icing on the Cake: The Ultimate Frosting Toolkit with Jenny McCoy

Expand your frosting toolkit for an endless repertoire of show-stopping cakes. From buttercream to ganache and even fudge, pastry chef Jenny McCoy shares her secrets in the only frosting guide you’ll ever need. Warning: This class may result in overwhelming demand for your dessert creations!

Create classic chocolate cake, versatile white cake, peanut butter banana cake and so much more.

Equipment & Supplies


This is my all time favourite small appliance brand. I currently own two stand mixers and several hand mixers. They are work horses and come in a variety of  beautiful colours, so you can really inject your personality into your equipment. If you like baking, I highly recommend these products. 

Bows and Bags

Here you can find a wide variety of packaging supplies from boxes, to bags to crinkle paper and cello wrap. You can even find gift wrap here! The products are attractive and eco-friendly.  Planning a wedding? You can find a variety of favour boxes here also. If this is your first time shopping, click here for 15% off your order. 

Party Supplies

This online store is where you can find fun and unusual gifts for all the members of your family. They have everything from clothes to toys and games to home and office supplies. If you’re looking for a gift that is unusual and sure to put a smile on someone’s face, this is the place to look. 


Shindigz is the place to go for all of your party supply needs. For birthdays, graduations, themed parties and more, you’ll be able to find all of your supplies in one place. The decorating kits are particularly easy as perfectly themed items are bundled together for your convenience.

Stumps Party

This is another great place where you can get invitations, backdrops and props all themed to match your events. They also have party favours and table decor to make your party planning easy and fun!



This is an online email and marketing platform. I use this to collect emails and send out broadcast emails for my VIP list. You can automate emails (making life easier for you) and prepare emails in advance to be sent out at a later date. You can create beautiful landing pages and sign up forms to keep your business looking cohesive and professional. Best of all, it’s free for your first 1000 subscribers. 


Danialli Kitchen

High quality, modern flatware sets. This isn’t your granny’s flatware. Beautiful stainless steel flatware in fresh, elegant designs. They’re also backed up a lifetime warranty.